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Affordable rates through our wide range of services

It is not a surprise that many plumbing services price their services unreasonably high while not offering premium quality work. Hot Water Specialist is offering you the highest quality of plumbing work at very affordable rates. We are not the cheapest but we are the most affordable with the best service quality.

Whether for maintenance, repair and / or installation of appliances, Hot Water Specialist the one address you can get everything from.

Proud of our qualified plumbers, affordable rates & deals

We are proud of our diverse services, qualified plumbers, affordable rates and amazing customer service. Stop looking for a plumber and write down our number which is responsive 24 hours a day, all year round.

  • Free hot water health check
  • Free Removal & Disposal
  • Free Tempering Valve with any Rheem stellar


Hot water installation

Hot water heater is a domestic appliance that is used for the production of hot water for different purposes. It can operate with various energy sources: electricity, gas and even solar power. At Hot Water Specialist Sydney, we have a team of professionals specialising in the installation of hot water systems. Working with all brands of water heaters, we can promise you a successful installation of your new water heater. It is always recommended to hire professional plumbers for this task because otherwise there will be a high risk of things not going smooth.

We install and service all types of water heater systems, including electric water heaters. We have many years of experience and can guide you to the choice of electric water heater or another hot water system. Installing a hot water heater is a task that requires professionalism and attention to detail. Our plumbers have what it takes to guarantee you the perfect installation of your appliance. Coming to you with a fully equipped van, we will make sure your installation goes very smooth. Call us to hire our hot water installation services right away.

Hot water repairs

Your water heater is malfunctioning, your tank no longer contains hot water, urgent troubleshooting is to be called for. Our water heater repair company is at your disposal for a quick professional intervention 24 hours a day. It brings you all the guarantees for the good realization of your repair work of your hot water system. Our company works with all brands of water heaters and will find a solution to yours as well. Our qualified plumbers will inspect your water heater, make a diagnosis and the fix the issues quickly but efficiently.

The longevity of your water heater will be all the better ensured that you will perform a regular maintenance of your device. Our service inspects your water heater and performs the cleaning and replacement of defective parts. The task is carried out as soon as possible with professionalism, delivering the best results. Our plumbers are both licensed and qualified and will do everything in their power to provide you with the best repair of your water heater. We also clean once we complete the task which means your house will not be messy.

Hot water replacement

Hot Water Specialist Sydney has been providing hot water system services for many years which also includes hot water replacement. Replacements are necessary when your current hot water system is too old and not repairable anymore. A hot water appliance is expected to last 8-12 years on average. It should be in user’s manual, by checking the age of your water heater you can decide whether to change it or not. New hot water systems will favour you in numerous way such as using less energy and being more functional.

At Hot Water Specialist Sydney, we are honest, we are reliable and each time we deliver the best results, exceeding expectations, we are experts of the recommended hot water systems, you can trust with your hot water replacement. Can’t choose a water heater? You can call us and one of our friendly customer service representatives will happily talk you through your options. Call us today for replacement of your water heater and you will be surprised with the results – the service that won’t waste your time and money.

Instantaneous hot water

In these models the water gradually heats up as it passes through it. The heating is produced by the passage of water through a system known as serpentine located around a combustion chamber, without the need to have a deposit for the accumulation of itself. Instantaneous water heaters are closed units with pressure-resistant inner containers for the central supply, to which any number of tapping points can be connected. The amount of hot water available is determined by the heat output of the water heater. These units are compact and have such a high heating capacity that the water can be heated.

We are very experienced in both installation and maintenance of these water heaters. Instantaneous water heater, the hot water supply is fast, reliable and efficient. Instantaneous water heaters only heat the exact amount of water needed to provide hot water immediately. These heaters also save water and energy efficiently. Whether for individual or group supply. The devices heat the water to your individually set desired temperature in a matter of seconds, and also score points with short cable routes, as they are installed near the respective tapping point. Thus, you save time and money and can always enjoy the desired comfort in the bathroom.

Trouble shooting your hot water

  • Check your circuit breaker
  • Check hot water system power
  • Check hot water limit switch
  • Check Element
  • Check upper Thermostat
  • Adjust & Check hot water tempreture
  • Thermostat must be fit against the tank
  • Check for grounded element
  • Tempreture too low
  • Check termostate
  • Check element
  • Check for loose wires
  • Is the hot water heater too small?
  • Sediment build up on water heater elements
  • Heat trap nipples

What our customers say


First class! Anthony from Mr Splash could not have been more courteous or professional. Having investigated the issue, he explained clearly what was potentially wrong, how it was best to proceed and the process itself. He was not only incredibly reassuring but completed the job efficiently and economically. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or the company.

James Caroll

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Free Hot Water Inspections Free Hot Water Inspections
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