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Basics To Know Before Buying A Hot Water Heater

What is a hot water heater?

A hot water heater is a domestic appliance that is used for the production of hot water for different purposes. It can operate with various energy sources: electricity, gas and even solar power. There are a number of hot water heater types generally on the market. There are two types that are most frequently found in houses. Standard electric and gas water heaters. Basically, they are both large tube-shaped tanks with a heating element on the inside.

Electric water heaters come with a thermostat attached flush with the outside of the tank’s internal. This thermostat continually detects the inside heat of the tank. When it detects the temperature getting too low, it begins the heating component within the tank. The tank’s inner heating component warms up the water kept in the tank. The heating operates the same way an electric-powered range warms up a pot of water. As soon as the water gets to the adjusted temperature, the thermostat reduces power to the heating component.

Gas water heaters come with a thermostat similar to electric ones do. The way this thermostat operates is a little different, though. There are mercury sensor and thermocouple found in the tip of the thermostat. The thermocouple keeps track of the pilot light and the mercury sensor screens the internal water temperature.

What Are The Typical Hot Water Issues?

No hot water at all —Having no hot water from the water is a big problem to anyone which means the water heater is not working. The common cause of why it is not working because it lacks power or energy source, gas or electricity, that doesn’t produce enough heat. This can be caused by the faulty thermostat that controls only one side (lower or upper) heating element so it fails to get hot enough water. On the other hand, tripped circuit breaker turns off the system. Switching it back on might turn it on again.

Coloured and bad-smelling water — There could be corrosion inside the water heater tank or pipelines at home which can create red, green, brown, or yellow tint to it. That is because minerals can cause discolouration in the water. Meanwhile, the odour is caused by a reaction between the hot water anode rod and water, where anode rod needs replacement.

Inadequate hot water — If your water heater works fine but it is not producing enough hot water, there is a problem. The water heater should have 75% hot water capacity. So when the demand is more than the capacity, it exceeds the ability of the water heater to produce enough hot water. A few solutions to this problem is limiting the length of hot water usage when showering and/or replacing a high-flow to low-flow showerhead to save hot water. Additionally, if it doesn’t exceed the capacity but still produces less hot water than it used to or should be, one or both heating elements may be broken.

Who Should You Call For All Your Hot Water Heater Needs?

Hot Water Specialist Sydney is the best to call! We install and service all types of water heater systems, including electric water heaters. We have many years of experience and can guide you to the choice of the electric water heater or another hot water system. Installing a hot water heater is a task that requires professionalism and attention to detail. Our plumbers have what it takes to guarantee you the perfect installation of your appliance. Coming to you with a fully equipped van, we will make sure your installation goes very smooth. Call us to hire our hot water installation services right away.


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Trouble shooting your hot water

  • Check your circuit breaker
  • Check hot water system power
  • Check hot water limit switch
  • Check Element
  • Check upper Thermostat
  • Adjust & Check hot water tempreture
  • Thermostat must be fit against the tank
  • Check for grounded element
  • Tempreture too low
  • Check termostate
  • Check element
  • Check for loose wires
  • Is the hot water heater too small?
  • Sediment build up on water heater elements
  • Heat trap nipples

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First class! Anthony from Mr Splash could not have been more courteous or professional. Having investigated the issue, he explained clearly what was potentially wrong, how it was best to proceed and the process itself. He was not only incredibly reassuring but completed the job efficiently and economically. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or the company.

James Caroll

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