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Gas vs Electric Water Heater, Which is better?

Hot Water Specialists Sydney – Gas vs electric water heater, which is better? Water heaters have been one of the basic household appliances, and you need to get one customized for your needs. Typically, a branded water heater would serve you between 8 to 15 years. However, you need to get it replaced once in a decade, on average.

In case it’s time for you to get a new water heater, you would be wondering whether to go for an electric or gas heater. Both of them have their individual perks and cons. In this post, you will get to know about the strengths of each, and eventually make an informed choice.

Things to consider while purchasing your water heater

  • Size
  • Availability of hot water
  • Energy efficiency
  • Installation

Size Gas vs Electric Water Heater 

You can choose from different sizes, ranging from 20 gallons to 100 gallons for both gas and electric heaters. However, if you are specifically looking for point-of-origin heaters, you need to go for electric heaters. These appliances come in small sizes, and you can get them installed directly at a faucet. In the process, you can get hot water for activities like making tea on demand.

Electric heaters take a slightly lesser amount of space as compared to their gas counterparts. The vents, which are present in gas heaters, take up a lot of space. Besides, you have to make space for the pipes to leave your home. You have a greater range of placement options with electric heaters, considering their compact size.

Availability of hot water

The availability of hot water largely depends on the energy supply. A gas line may not be present in every home. This explains why electric heaters are extensively used.

However, one of the benefits of gas hot water installment is that you would be able to avail yourself of the heated water during power outages.

You also need to consider the FHR, which indicates the amount of hot water that the heater is capable of generating in the first hour of use. These values differ largely with both types of heaters. In case you need a larger amount of water, these values should be higher. In gas heaters, water gets heated up faster as compared to electric heaters.

Energy efficiency

Considering the lower expense of natural gas, you can save energy bills with gas heaters. However, in terms of efficiency, electric heaters score a point above their gas counterparts. This is because of their operational mechanism. In gas heaters, the utilized gas needs to be eliminated through the vent. This also carries some heat along with it, which indicates a loss. On the other hand, an electric heater would use up almost all the energy coming to it, ensuring minimal waste.

Installation Gas vs Electric Water Heater 

You might find the installation process challenging when switching to gas heaters from electric ones. The tank needs to be plumbed, but you need to run the gas line to a new location. Besides, the installers need to create the vent, which involves drilling or cutting one of the sides of your building. This might increase the cost and time quotients during the installation process.

Hot Water Specialist Sydney

If you are looking forward to installing a gas or electric water heater, seeking professional support is highly recommended. In the first place, the experts would be able to guide you regarding the choice of model. Next, you would need a licensed and certified company to get the installation done.

Call Hot Water Specialist Sydney with your requirements today, at 02 9167 7374 You can also Contact Us via this form, and we will respond promptly.

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Trouble shooting your hot water

  • Check your circuit breaker
  • Check hot water system power
  • Check hot water limit switch
  • Check Element
  • Check upper Thermostat
  • Adjust & Check hot water tempreture
  • Thermostat must be fit against the tank
  • Check for grounded element
  • Tempreture too low
  • Check termostate
  • Check element
  • Check for loose wires
  • Is the hot water heater too small?
  • Sediment build up on water heater elements
  • Heat trap nipples

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